Mobile Communication

You are way off track, if you believe that there is no difference between the two way radio and the walki talkies because both of them operate in the same way... one way communication at a time between two sets. The person from one set has to complete his conversation by depressing the call button and release the same to allow the other person receiving his call to reply to him. Unlike fixed line phones and mobiles there is no option of bidirectional and simultaneous conversation. Then again, the two way radio varies from the walki talkies as not all two way radio sets need to be portable. One of them can be fixed and the other portable. This type of set is typically used by police stations and for communication between ship crews and the staff of their office as well.

Extra information about two way

Another difference

There is yet another difference between these two way communication systems. The business class operates on either the "ultra high frequency" or "very high frequency" band and consist of a handheld mobile base. The models used by offices work in the "high frequency," "amplitude modulation," and "single sideband modulation" band and are typically used by HAM enthusiasts. The traditional walki talkies operate on the "ultra high frequency" band, are handheld, and are used for entertainment as well as for official use. The cheap two way phones available for kids, which have a limited distance range (about 200 meters or so) are typical examples of models used for entertainment purposes. The models used in the office have a higher range (one kilometre or more). They are used in the engineering, structural, and entertainment industry as well, to name a few.

Why not use mobile phones for corporate purposes

You might be wondering what does one need such sets in an era when one can make calls from one corner of the globe to the other via mobile phones. To understand this one needs to know that the mobile phones only work if they are able to receive signals from the signal tower. This means that one cannot use them for communicating in the middle of the ocean or in the desert, as there re no mobile towers in such places. Can you imagine the scenario if one construction worker, working in the 10th floor of an apartment located in a place where no mobile signals are available, wants to communicate with his colleague who is on the ground floor? It would have been impossible to achieve this task had it not been for the humble two way portable communication system.

Usage of portable two way communication sets in the leisure business

Movie directors and persons in the entertainment industry rely on walki talkies as they offer robust communication, unlike that of the mobile phones, whose signals and voice clarity depends on the signal coverage of the area where it is being used. If you have seen a cricket match, you may have noticed the on-field umpire communicating with the third umpire to view slow motion replays of a catch and confirm whether it was taken cleanly or not. You guessed it right. They use walki talkies to communicate with each other.